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Dubai Desert Safari – Extremely Thrilling and Equally Exciting

Does the wilderness of an infinite desert entice you as much as an enormous ocean does to swimmers? Do you ever gone for dune bashing, sand surfing and camel riding in the desert? If yes, then fly to Dubai and go for desert safari, which is a must do and one of the most loved activities in Dubai. People from across the globe come to Dubai to venture on this activity.

And as the weather changed pleasantly in Dubai, October is an ideal month to explore desert and have an adventuresome Dubai desert safari with your family and friends. It is the best way to spend an ideal vacation in Dubai.

If you want to make the most of your desert safari trip, it is good to pick evening desert safari deal, which will be completed in almost 6 hours. Generally, the pickup time is in afternoon for this deal around 4pm from anywhere across Dubai. Depending upon the Dubai desert safari operator, the chauffer can come to pick you up from Sharjah as well. Most of the operators have 4×4 Land Cruisers, which are ideal vehicles for dune bashing in and around sand dunes. The twists, twirls and slides while going up and down the might sand dunes will leave you screaming both with excitement and fear at the same time.

The Fun and Adventure of Dubai Desert Safari

Hop on to camel’s back to weave gently on dunes. Do not forget to take your camera along, otherwise you will miss taking pictures and repent it later. Do not forget that dune bashing is an extremely thrilling and equally exciting opportunity so you must experience this activity in a number of ways. Sand boarding is another key activity of Dubai desert safari. It involves gliding down the sand dunes on a board from top of the dune. Only a few can reach down the dune without toppling.Arabian Desert Safari

Hold on for some time and take a refreshment break. Take snacks, coffee, tea or whatever you like as the next activity is waiting for you. Quad biking is the next activity, which certainly not everyone dares to undertake. It takes special license and experts instructions to complete this venture. Don’t worry, if you want to skip it, you can – and ask your tour operator to escort you to the camp.

At the camp, you can take rest for a while or ask a henna painter to get temporary henna tattoos on your body and get your pictures clicked in Arabic costumes. During this entire course, Arabic music is mostly played in the background. Next is the scrumptious and finger-licking good Arabian BBQ dinner with a number of dishes for everyone. Fresh fruits, Qehwa, Sheesha and selective sweet dishes will also be served to you under the starlit sky.

Hold on! You are yet to enjoy the most attractive activity of Dubai desert safari trip and that is tanoura dance and belly dance. Now the trip has come to an end and you will be escort back to your hotel.


What to Expect from Morning Desert Safari?

Are you tired of mundane tourist fun activities in Dubai? And if you are thinking to try out something unusual from the routine gathering with your family and friends – then head to explore the heart of desert through Dubai desert safari. Let your holidays in Dubai be a memorable one with your loved ones and discover the true side of Dubai.

Morning desert safari is an ideal option to visit Arabian Desert with your friends and family, especially when you want to make the most of your time and do not want to waste it having dinner or relaxing Bedouin style camps. Moreover, it is designed keeping all your family in view and includes exhilarating activities to entertain each one of them. Morning desert safari includes dune bashing, falconry, sand surfing, quad biking and camel riding. Let’s have a look at what to expect from each of these activities offered by Dubai Tours Desert Safari and which activity to pick.

Chauffeurs will pick you up in the morning around 8.30am to 9am in 4×4 vehicles and without stopping anywhere, it will take you straight to desert – where you can begin your desert adventure.

If you have ever fancied a roller-coaster type of ride, it is the time to make your dreams come true. Seated in muscular yet comfortable 4×4 land cruiser, you will enjoy Dune Bashing on the treacherous fine yet mighty sand dunes for almost 45 minutes. No need to worry about your safety; as all of our drivers are professionals and adept in driving in desert to ensure your safety throughout the ride. This is just one fun activity as the next activity is more thrilling and adventurous.

If you are a big fan of snowboarding, sand boarding is one such activity that will give you even more joy. Gliding down on fine golden sand is definitely much more fun than anything else. After conquering the sprawling dunes, it’s time to slide over them smoothly over a snowboard. If you call yourself a true adventurer, this activity is surely for you.

Quad biking, another daring activity for adventure lovers, allow you to discover the unexplored desert trails. However, you will have to follow instructions and safety measures provided by the professionals in order to be safe and sound.

How one can forget about camel riding, without which the trip to desert remains incomplete. If you are done with other desert activities, you must hop on to a camel’s back to experience the bumpy camel ride. While riding camel, you can catch distant views of desert with a pair of binoculars. Only after sitting on camel’s back, you can have the feel, people used to travel in the desert. It is one of the finest experiences of Dubai desert safari to make your trip more fun, enjoyable and memorable.