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Experience Ancient Dubai Arabian Culture

Though the year is about to end and almost everywhere weather has started changing to mild winters except Dubai. The weather is still sizzling there, but for tourists who want to visit Dubai during their holidays, the heat is not a hindrance.

It is because Dubai offers countless and exclusive fun, shopping, leisure and adventure opportunities that are not readily available in every country.

Dubai’s culture, it’s attractive lifestyle and thrilling activities play a big role in making Dubai what it is. This mega city has something for everyone such as Morning desert safari, which has become one of the major attractions for every adventure lover visiting Dubai. And desert safari in Dubai gives you the chance to experience the beautiful yet ancient Arab culture.

The adventurous dune-bashing on a roller-coaster ride, remarkable splendor of the expansive desert and amazing view of the sunset are unique experiences that a tourist would carry along for his entire life.

No matter, how modern the metropolitan city has become – Islamic religion and Arabian traditions and Bedouin culture has deep-rooted effect on Dubai. Moreover, the Arabian culture is rich in traditional forms of art, music, folklores, and dance. Dubai desert safari is one of the best ways to experience the true Arabian culture of Dubai.

And out of all desert safari options, evening desert safari or the overnight stay in desert is the best way to get exclusive experience of traditional Arabian culture.

These desert safari deals are designed to allow you make the most of this adventurous trip and get a close look at the traditional activities from camel riding to falconry, from henna painting to belly dance and from scrumptious BBQ dinner to aromatic sheesha and traditional music.

The trip usually starts when an experienced chauffer picks you up from your hotel in a 4×4 Land cruiser and takes you to Dubai desert. After having heart-wrenching dune bashing experience on the sprawling terrain of desert, you can hop on camels’ back to have the distant views of desert with the pair of binoculars and capture all with the lens of your camera.

Falconry, like dune bashing, is an integral and unforgettable experience for every tourist visiting Dubai desert. It has been practiced across Dubai for centuries but now it has become an interactive experience solely for the pleasure of tourists.

Having tried the falconry, it is the time to relax sitting in the Bedouin style camp, when the sun sets down. However, the fun does not end here, you can enjoy the evening seeing people wearing traditional dresses and dancing on the traditional music on drums and trumpets.

You can also ask women to paint henna tattoo on your body while enjoying the belly dance.

Modern Dubai does not depict the true picture of traditional Arab culture but only through Dubai desert safari, you can get the true feel of Arab nomadic life.

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