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Enjoy Dubai Tour Without Breaking Your Bank


Mostly people do not plan to enjoy vacations in Dubai because it is known as a rich man’s playground only and everyone cannot afford to lap up the luxury. On the contrary, the truth is that anyone can visit and enjoy Dubai to its fullest without breaking his bank.

There are several fun activities that you can enjoy within budget such as the world’s largest choreographed fountain outside the Dubai Mall, visit world’s biggest shopping malls to do some window shopping or go for dune bashing in Dubai desert. Let’s make it easier – if you would prefer adventure over fun, you must pick Dubai Desert safari, which will be fun as well.

Desert is a completely different experience than what you see in pictures and what you hear about it. All you will see is the sand stretches as far as the eyes can see in every direction and all you can hear is the noise of the Range Rovers engines followed by the laughter and gasps of fellow passengers while climbing the sand dunes.

The adventure begins when the tour operator picks you from your hotel in an exclusive 4×4, continues with a thrilling journey over the sand dunes and ends at a stopover in Bedouin camp.

After seeing the mighty stretch of desert with naked eyes, you will realise that contemporary Dubai is still in touch with the nomadic Bedouin lifestyle, and Arabian traditions and visitors can easily spot such areas that are rich in history and close to culture. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the crazy ride.

You can start the excursion on jeep or 4×4 by racing over the unending sand dunes called dune bashing. Hold the seat tightly so that your body would not bounce along with the car due to vehicle’s swirling speed. You can also pick camel desert safari that will take you on a stunning 45 minutes journey through the desert on a traditional camel convoy.

Falconry, like dune bashing, is an integral part of desert life so make sure, you will not miss it in your chosen Desert Safari Deals. Falconry had been practiced for centuries throughout Dubai, mostly for hunting purpose but now the interactive falconry experience is solely for pleasure of tourists.

And the last but not the least important stopover is Bedouin camp in the desert, where you cannot just rest but get a henna tattoo artist to paint your hands. After that, you can have relish BBQ dinner while enjoying belly dance of expert dancers.

Mark my words, it is a great adventurous activity, which will be much more fun when you will experience it all yourself and that also without breaking your bank.

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