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Maximum Fun on Dubai Desert Safari

There may be several places in the world where you can just go backpacking without any prior planning and have fun. But Dubai is definitely not one of these places. Dubai needs you to be fully prepared your trip in advance – otherwise, on the spot planning will take your enough time.

I am not sure about the rest but Dubai Desert Safari is on top of the list of fun things to do in Dubai. Quench your thrust of adventure keeping all the cautions in view and choosing the best from available Desert Safari deals.

At the time of booking, you will get detailed information of every package, which you can book as per your requirement. Following are few tips based on most of the people’s experience that will let you have maximum fun on Dubai Desert Safari excursion.

1. Make sure, you carry plenty of fluids with you along the journey to beat the heat and keep you well hydrated. Make regular stops to drink water or any other fluid.

2. Before starting the journey, try not to take any heavy meal because the bumpy desert ride may cause nausea.

3. All desert safari packages include dune bashing, belly dancing, quad biking, 4×4 drive and complimentary meal but the difference lies in the quality of services. Take suggestion from friends but never settle for anything less than the best. Pick the best Desert Safari Deals and have the ride of your life.

4. Bring your hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water.

5. Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Women can wear shorts but I suggest you wearing linen trousers with light top. The temperature in desert is a little lower than the city, especially, in the evening so wearing lightweight clothes is more suitable.

6. Don’t be concerned about the skills and expertise of the drivers of 4×4 vehicles as most of them are adept in driving through the dunes, no matter, how steep the ride is. All that matters is to choose the best desert safari deal.

7. Are you tempted to buy souvenirs from the campsite? Don’t get lured with the attractive offers. You can get all these items for less than half the price. Save your money and enjoy something more with it.

8. Bedouin campsites with modern outlook and contemporary facilities may not give retro feeling but they are designed to give you a feel of ancient Bedouin life along with modern facilities. So, don’t over think about it.

9. Desert Safari Dubai is fun and worth dedicating your time so you must find out time from your schedule to enjoy the ride.

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