Hatta Mountain Safari

Those of you who are looking to experience a much more natural and wilder side of Dubai, Hatta Tour is that perfect natural outing for you. Unlike most of the desert safari tours, Tour hits both sandy and mountainous terrains in the outskirts of Dubai. Hatta  adventure offers a unique, once in a lifetime experience, where it takes you through diverse natural habitats. Thanks to its scenic giveaways and thrilling trek, an expedition across the Hatta Mountains is something that is highly recommended to those who are actually looking to experience Dubai the way it is meant to be.

Price: 150 AED Only

Hatta Mountain Tour

No doubt Dubai has many concealed attractions in it to offer that you may have to face a shortage of time to visit them all entirely. So you need to plan your time shrewdly and pick the places which have a lot to serve. Those of you who are hoping to undergo experience which feels like much more natural. It is a wilder side of Dubai; Hatta Mountain Tour is that perfect physical outing for you. Hatta mountain tour adventure offers an exceptional, unique and once in a lifetime experience. Where it takes you through the distinct natural environmentunlike others, this tour hits both sandy and mountains landscapes at the edges of Dubai. Most tourists have their first and foremost priority is to visit Hatta Wadi.

A snappy drive from Hatta Fort Hotel and prevalent vocational spot Hatta Heritage, the Hatta Dam is a calm respite from the occupied and humming city of Dubai. Surrounded by mountains and loaded with dazzling turquoise water, it is even a glaring contrast to the desert sands you will pass on the way to Hatta.

If you have ever wondered what an Emirati village was like years ago, a trip to Hatta Heritage Village is sure to cure your curiosity. The village, restored in 2001, is one of the oldest in the emirate. Step back in time to discover the magnificent Hatta Heritage Village among reconstructed buildings that include two watchtowers, a fort, and a mosque.

Hatta Mountains Safari Deals

Those adventurous people who are looking to experience a rough and fantastic side of Dubai, Hatta Mountain tour is perfect for a natural outing for those. The Hajjar Mountains are the pride of Dubai tours. The Hatta village is one of the best historical places to visit with Fun trips.

Fun tours Hatta Mountain journey is another exciting experience. All the houses, buildings and monuments are built using shared resources, which offer a peek back into time and a perfect adventure from the urban culture of Dubai. Mostly desert safari tours hit both sandy and large landscapes in the borders of Dubai.

Of course, Hatta adventure offers a unique, lifetime experience.On the other hand, it takes you through different natural habitats. Hatta Mountains is something that highly recommended to those who are looking to experience Dubai. Hatta Safari has become one of the most popular tourist destinations within Dubai over the years. As its features attractive views of fossil rocks and thrilling ride through natural springs and valleys.All things considered are world-class and add the prettiest experience in your life.


Hatta Mountain Tour Includes:

Pick-up and drop back from the hotel
Safari across mountains and Hatta Wadis
A visit to Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Dam
A Visit across carpet market, Hill Park
A visit to historical Hatta Fort Hotel
Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel for an addition cost of AED 80
Fresh water springs and pools (Conditional)

Hatta Mountain Safari Timings

Pickup:    8:00 AM
Drop Off:  1:00 PM
Duration:  5 Hours
Note: Last Minute Booking Is Also Available. 

Quick Booking:
Call: +971-54-4747041
Email: Emiratesnighttoursfze@gmail.com

Hatta Safari Discount Packages

Price For 1-2 Persons: 150 AED
Price For 3-10 Persons: 130 AED
Price For 11-20+ Persons: 110 AED
Children Upto 10 Years: 130 AED

Note: Children below 3 year of age are free